Dolor #4 (updated)

A while ago I had the opportunity to make a small comic for Dolor #4 for which Julie Smits wrote the story which I illustrated. Dolor is a small comic magazine published by RotopolPress. The editors are the amazingly talented (and enormously friendly) Michael Meiers & Nic Klein. You can order/buy your copy here http://www.rotopolpress.de/en/products/novelties. I strongly recommend the previous issues too!

The other contributors of Dolor #4 are:
Aurélie Neyret
Michael Meier
Markus Färber
Nic Klein
Rita Fürstenau
Sam Bosma

Here are the First 2 pages of the entree Julie and I worked on (click for a bigger resolution)

Here is how it looks in real life, the picture were taken by Julie Smits. The cover was done by Sam Bosma.

Since we had so much fun doing this, Julie and I will try to publish small online comics every month starting this summer. Until then I hope you enjoy this issue of Dolor!

Here are some more pages of the book provided by Michael Meiers.



Manuel Dupong said...

Congrats! Its all looking good!
I'm really looking forward to your monthly comic.


joefeinsilver said...

Thats an awsome cover

Unknown said...

@Manuel, thanks bro!

@Joefeinsilver, the cover was done by Sam Bosma

Gax said...

Hello buddy.
Hope everything's fine in your rainy cold country with people with weird talking.
Hope to see you in the year (or later ;))
I'm smoking something cool I'd love to share it with ya.

See you dude, keep up the good work.

Gax (the bad haired guy)

Unknown said...

Gax my man!

How are you, you sly dog!
We have to meet again and share some of that cool stuff your talking about!

Talk to you soon buddy!