Bachelor Project Update

Here are 2 new sketches I've done in my sketchbook, both of them are for the Bachelor Project. I wanted to give them a little bit of color so I've set them on a multiply layer in Photoshop and added some color underneath them. I like the result so I'm probably gonna experiment a bit more with this technique. The first Sketch is a creature design for a doom dog. Keep in mind that this is a sketch and not necessarily the final version of the doom dog. The second Sketch is a character design of a farmer. He doesn't have a big role in the story (unlike the doom dog).

(as always, click for a bigger resolution)



George Bletsis said...

So simple, but really elegant result - the farmer is especially effective!

Manuel Dupong said...

They're simply delicious to look at. I'm in love with this new technique.

Unknown said...

Monstertree: I'm glad you like it!

Manuel: I will try to make a full illustration with this technique soon my friend. Keep in touch!


Brutal Moineau said...

i want a dog like that!
very cool stuff as always!

i'm curious to see more with this technique!

willborough said...

that dog rules!


Kristin Forbes-Mullane said...

nice... they look great with the color behind them

Bleego! said...

Super duper dig it, man. That canine is serious.

Tiffany prothero said...

Love, love, love these Brun!!!! The Dog and the old man are awesome! :D

Unknown said...

@ BM: Always a pleasure to have you around

@ Willborough: I'm glad you like it

@ KFM: I hope to explore more with the color on other drawings similar to this.

@ Bleego: Whats up man, how have you been?

@ Tiffany: thanks Tif, that means a lot coming from you!


locuriatoons said...

amigazo te queria felicitar por el blog,me emcanta lo que haces,el color digital,la mano que tenes para con esto es realmente sobresaltador.te tendre agemdado!

Anonymous said...

very cool to see your progress mate, I followed you quite closely on CA.org before, around the LMS 3 event and you sure have grown a lot since then. The pencils are beutiful.

Keep up the brilliance.

Tartarian wolf eagle said...

nice one man, the drawing is nice so naturally the colours that follow will complement it nicely. I think a slight temperature shift towards the shadows maybe towards warmer shadows might even help just to give them a bit more form. Just an idea. Keep up the rad work you talented mofo!

Unknown said...

@Locuriatoons: Gracias!

@Johan: Aah LMS3 was really funny, I would totally do that different now. But I still like the piece. To many damn brushstrokes though. Thanks for passing by!

@Rodrigoart: Sup man? thanks for the advice. I'll try it out next time I open up that piece. Thanks for passing by on my humble blog. (oh and btw don't forget about your own talented moo ass mister!!!)