Old Picture #1

While cleaning the house I found this old picture that my dad (Frank Croes) took about 20 years ago.
I remember seeing this on the wall when I was a little kid and how it always seemed to capture my attention.
I’m still very much in love with this picture, so I replaced it on the wall where it used to be…

ps: the original has a more square like composition, but my scanner wasn’t big enough, sorry for that!!!

(Click to enlarge)


Adam Tamte Volker said...

this is a really beautiful photo, I feel like I can turn to the left look out the window and know exactly what I am going to see. I've officially been transported.

thanks for that!

Aaron Rossell Illustration said...

It looks like an illustration---is this a photograph?

Unknown said...

@Aaron Rossel:

Yes it is a photograph, my father took it about around 20-25 years ago.

Its not my work, I just love it so much i had to share it :)

littlepinkpebble said...

your stuff is amazing and your dad is a great photographer too. I think its easier to be a photographer now with photoshop so he's great

Gax said...

Nice bathroom :)

Jeffrey Lai said...

just stumbled across you blog
you've got some great work here!
I shall follow~

Unknown said...

thx for the nice comments folks :) checking your blogs too, and I will leave commentzzzzzz

Hanne Nieberding said...

Echt supermooie foto!
En echt nice, dat van Alice in Wonderland.. :)