Alice In Wonderland part II

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So I have some new sketches to show you guys, I did these a few weeks back though.

Shown here are the the White Rabbit, Alice and the Cheshire Cat, they definitely could use more definition and some more rendering but I want to start focusing on the final illustrations

Let me know what u guys think (Click for higher resolutions)


anima-base said...

Wow, it is new style of Alice in wonderland..
I like all 3 characters~

tek! said...

the white rabbit is DOPE.
well done.
now some backgrounds please :)

Unknown said...


These are ofcourse just character designs.

I'm working on full illustrations including backgrounds :)

Emmanuel Malin said...

I looove the white rabbit !
I'm not totally sure the cat is easily readable as a cat though, but the 3 are looking great ;)

paul tsui said...

man, i really like the cat. digging the style too!

Dustin d'Arnault said...

dude these are great!

Gax said...

Go go go Brun.

JP said...

Very very nice. I hope you don't mind me saying, I found the Alice of the previous post more interesting to look at.


Unknown said...

@JP :

No problem man, I like her a bit more too, but the teachers didn't :) and she didn't quite fit in the style of the rest :)

Thx for saying your opinion

@Emmanuel Malin:

Dude, u are totally right, the cat is not very readable as a cat :p but I liked it this way, that’s why I didn't make an effort to make it more cat-like

Thx for the replies and thx for stopping by

Chris Wood said...