Alice In Wonderland

Hi people of the internet

I've been working on some illustrations for a modern version of Alice in Wonderland.
Its a school assignment and I need to make a total of 6 illustrations around this classic story.

In the last days I've been bussy with drawing different faces and costumes for Alice, I have quite a few and might show them in a near future. The one posted bellow is modern sketch of Alice which I like, although she defenitly needs more work and more reference to the story (I'm thinking about gadgets like a white rabbit toy and an image on her t-shirt, etc).

Some people might have noticed that I took away the process shots from the previous post, however don't fear that I will not post them anymore. I'll probebly won't post a lot of them on this blog, from now on u will find my process shots
on a new blog called rescue us roro. Rescue Us Roro is all about being creative and inspiring one another. This blog was put together by non other then Julie Smits who is a verry close friend and a talented woman. The site includes other artists too, ranging from Illustrators to writers to traditional artists and so on. I will not only post process shots there, but I will also be posting about the things that inspire me like music, films other peoples work or just a simple quote that inspired me to do an illustration of sorts.

Ok back to Alice, here is the sketch I was talking about :)

(As allways click for a higher resolution)


Mark Molnar said...

nice! cant wait to see your progress!

anima-base said...

Awesome illustration..

Ciaee said...

Hey, thank you for the linkup! Your work is amazing as well. Great style!

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