Kitchen Maid

I'm making a story for my graduation project, I'm not giving away to much at the moment. But you can expect some weird looking characters. The story will have a 1940-1960 look, although it will feature advanced technology. The following is a quick character sketch of a kitchen maid who might be part of the story. I'm trying to look for a quick and loose way of rendering to get fast results, I can always go back later to render it a bit more.



Dustin d'Arnault said...


Ems said...

really like your characters
good work!

Juan Bauty said...

Fantastic work!

Jonathan Knutsson said...

Hello there, My name is Jonathan and I am currently searching for an adequite university, What I aim for is a very fluid concept, but I have a hinch that your style of art would be a decent guidline, wich Is why I come to ask you this, What are you studying, and what are you aiming to become?

Jonathan Knutsson said...

Sorry for spamming you like this, but what I´m meaning to ask you is also a question of profession, most schools that I´ve examined don´t have a strive to educate illustrators of different sorts ,maybe I just got wrong impression, but I was hoping that you would be able to correct my missinterpretation :).

Brun Croes said...

@Dustin: Thanks mate!

@Ems: Always a pleasure to get a compliment from you!

@Juan: Thank you.

@Jonathan: I'm currently in my last (master) year at a university here in Antwerp, Belgium, called the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. I study illustration and strive to become an illustrator / concept artist. However the type of style I try to achieve is not something they will learn you here. In fact they often told me to try a more "illustrations for children books" style. After a few years they started to accept my style and started to realize that there are other people in the world doing this kind of illustration / concept art. So they have accept it.

However there are schools where you most definitely can study this kind of illustration. So don't give up!