Forest Guard

Trying to maintain the looseness/quickness of the brushstrokes and a minimal color palette. Your opinion is more then welcome!



Jason said...

I like where these character designs are going. Also really enjoying your brush stroke economy. The only thing I'd comment on is perhaps is to step up the highlights in a little bit. The highest highlights at the moment still feel about 80%.
Overall, awesome work though.

Unknown said...


Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like it. I've been thinking a lot about how to apply highlights in a satisfying way lately and I'm still not sure how I would like to integrate them. On one hand they can make a picture really fresh, sparky and sharp but on the other hand I don't like using to much bright colors + highlights are often misplaced and overused.

I'm glad you pointed it out though, you might just have convinced me to spend more time on figuring out how to use them properly and not as a simple trick.

Jonathan Knutsson said...

Hi! My name is Jonathan http://ortogi.deviantart.com/. You may not remember me, but to jog your memory, I´m the Jonathan who posted a comment on your blog (21/9 2009 to be specific) which regarded your usage of brushpatterns, you later geve me some great pointers and I am filled with gratitude because of it. Anyway, I was just dropping by to announce that I´ve started a new blog right here on blogspot! http://jonathanknutsson.blogspot.com/ feel free to visit the area of my art, I can asure you that I´ve given your advice a great deal of though! :)

Unknown said...


Great to see you've started a blog. It helped me push myself to become a little bit better every time I posted. I hope it will do the same for you!


Jparked said...

awesome style!!!!

Mary Yaya said...

I like very much your way of painting.
Good continuation.

Maryline Rich*
Illustration jeunesse


josé elgueta said...

very pro!!!

Alexis Barattin said...

You, sir, are good at this!