Zombie Says Hi

I did this a while ago for the Zombie Expo over at CFSL.net. I didn’t want to make a stereotypic zombie with all the gore and rotten flesh, rather then that I was looking for a more “zombiefied” person (in this case a hillbilly farmer). I might have spend some more time on it but instead I finally got around to making my portfolio website (http://www.bruncroes.com) as mentioned in my previous post. As always, click on the image for a bigger resolution.



Brutal Moineau said...

love it!
great choice colors as always, and a very cool design (especially love the zombie smile)

Unknown said...

Same Brutal, love it !

Kristin Forbes-Mullane said...

awesome! nothin better than a hillbilly zombie farmer! well done!

Lino Drieghe said...

Hi Brun,
Mooie paint!

Ems said...

waaah! love zombies, love less gore as well - totally right about that. very nice character!!

Unknown said...

@Brutal: Thanks man, how are you btw?

@ideo: Thans ideo.

@KFM: Yes, Hillbillies seemed like the right fit! Thank you.

@Lyno: Thanks man.

@Ems: Thanks for the comment Ems!

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

looks cool dude

Unknown said...

WICKED cool character!