100th Post

Here’s a small doodle I did yesterday. It started out as a pencil sketch, but I ended up putting a few colors on top of it in PS. I’ve got an enormous amount of illustration to post here as well, I’ll try to put those up in the coming days. This is also my 100th post! Some bloggers take the time to do something special at this occasion, I'm still thinking of something, but when I come up with something I'll be sure to let you know.

(click for a bigger resolution)



Manuel Dupong said...

Congratulations bro!
I still have a long way to go before reaching 100th, but I'll get there, you just waith.
That aside, I really enjoy your mixture of pencil abd PS.
Keep on rocking


Tartarian wolf eagle said...

congrats, a good achievement!

joris said...

nice doodle dude, keep up the good stuff


Unknown said...

Thanks guys!

still thinking about what exactly I should do.