Street View (WIP)


As a warm up for this school year I redrew an old painting I did about a year ago for a project called PAX. A few days ago I figured that I should focus some more on landscapes/enviros/buidings/etc, so I decided to redo the original and see how it turns out. This is the result, it could use some more touches to bring it more to live, and I definitly have a lot to learn about doing enviroments.

(click for a bigger resolution)

here is the original I did a year ago > CLICK

Hope u like it !!!


Bleego! said...

Great palette!

marctaro said...

wow, very different feel - you're getting a lot cleaner - and the image is more personal - less generic 'village'

Ems said...

jep jep leuke post!

poulpi said...

This one really has an ambiance, it's amazing. I really like what you do.

willborough said...

great stuff! i like the sky's colors and buildup. works great!


Anthony Holden said...

Nice sense of mood here.

Javier said...


Brun Croes said...

I'm glad u guys seem to like it, I just did an update with a new test/try.

Thx for your comments, they are much appreciated !!

Pablo Hernández Delgado said...

colores fantásticos!! 0o

el original me encanta también.

Anonymous said...

Which type of brush patterns would you say is most valuable? Which ones do you use the most?

Brun Croes said...


I'm not quite sure if I understand what you mean. I don't use any patterns on my brushes. I mainly use a custom brush which is basically the Hard Edge brush that comes as a standard with Photoshop. Most of my textures are generated by the way I draw my brushstrokes. Sometimes I'll add some random texture or dual brush to my brushes.

I tend to forget about the possibilities of Photoshop when I'm drawing. I think its important to understand that Photoshop is a just a medium. So if I paint something wrong I won't easily use ctrl/cmd-Z, instead I try to approach it more traditionally and try to repaint the part I did wrong.

I have no idea if you are just starting out or are an experienced painter, but I would like to note that whatever brush you use, it doesn't matter! Its what you do with it that makes it special. The only thing I would advice is to put your pressure setting on the brush.

If you have any other questions just send me an email and state your name (I'm not fond of anonymous comments ;))

Hope that helped!