Head Doodles


No real updates this time around, instead just 2 doodles of which one was recorded as
a test.

(click for higher resolution)

(click for higher resolution)

Over at Nenent’s Blogspot I got mentioned as one of his fav blogs.
It seems that as a reaction to this, I should also give a list of my fav blogs.
So here are just a few:

http://nenent.blogspot.com/ (Cause he rocks with colors’n’pencils)
http://mattgaser.wordpress.com/ (great brush technique and imagination)
(this doesn’t need an introduction)
http://vladimiromerino.blogspot.com/ (his pencils are of the charts)
http://aymrc.blogspot.com/ (brilliant style)
http://www.dynamografika.com/ (the master of illustration)
http://idrewhim.blogspot.com/ (awesome style)
http://edwardkinsellaiii.blogspot.com/ (First time I saw this, I got an erection…)
http://davidsketch.blogspot.com/ (this dude can tell stories with just a few brushstrokes)
http://timothyjlamb.blogspot.com/(one of my all time fav illustrators)
http://sambosma.blogspot.com/ (young incredible talented illustrator)
http://www.jonathanburtonblog.net/ (amazing compositions)
http://mrmeier.tumblr.com/ (he’s good at EVERYTHING)
http://www.sampaints.com/ (this guy stands on his own)
http://marnette.canalblog.com/ (the flow in her work is truly inspiring)
http://www.gaxix.blogspot.com/ (unique style, this guy rocks)
http://www.juliesmits.blogspot.com (A very talented young woman and very good friend of mine!!!)
http://ecartez-vous-jarrive.blogspot.com/ (she would torture me if i didn't add her here... no really she rocks my socks every single dayà

I guess I could go on and on, I litterly have 1000 links saved on my computer of other amazing artists.

Other updates will follow soon



Clo said...

Haaah Brun! I couldn't torture you even if i wanted to! :) Thank you so much for the "award"! I guess i have to do that too now! Bye bye my friend!

Clo said...

Oh! and! These doodles are sweet! Love the second character so much. :)

Nevena Nikolcheva NEN said...

10x for the visit ;)

Unknown said...

@Nevena Nikolacheva NEN

No problem at all, I really like the way u use your aquarells/watercolours, I'm trying to use them too, but I still suck big time at it ;)

If u got any hints/tips for me I'll be glad to listen !!!

patricio.betteo said...

Hi there.
That video was a candy for my eyes. Many artists are very much alike.. :) It's a ride to see how things transform and change direction in the digital paint.

Your work is Great, flower frames or not. :)

Unknown said...

thx for sharing a part of your process,

inspiring and motivating, and the resluts is good as usual

dadu shin said...

wow thanks for the links. some super great people listed there. oh and great sketches too!

dan trauten said...

This video is the bee's knees, Brun! It's always awesome to see how others work and definitely with portraiture. Totally dig your style.

dan trauten said...

This video is the bee's knees, Brun! Totally dig your style, and it's always awesome to see someone else's process.