City Test 2 (WIP)

Another test, trying to focus on composition and depth.
Still got a long way to go, but these are a lot of fun to do !!!

(Click the Image for a bigger resolution)

Hope you all like it, more to follow soon !!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, really nice to see the finished version. Great way of using perspective to really open up the image, also very dynamic. I really like the weirdness of the towers and the whole reaching for the sky effect and the colour contrast...x

willborough said...

another nice cityscape! The sky is great again.


Dustin d'Arnault said...

awesome? I think so!

Grégory said...

Nice. Corel Painter ?

Brun Croes said...

@ Grégory:

Nope just Photoshop CS4 this time around.

Brutal Moineau said...

how you do that!
ok... you're from an other planet, like superman no?

really love your stuff!

niki said...

Brun, je bent een tekenbeest. Knap werk, jongen!

Tiffany prothero said...

Oy!Brun this is great and everything on your blog is great! Thanks for Linking me. :D

t_rAt said...

Here there are more air.

I really like this work and previous too.

Betty said...

Do you make your own brushes? I've been trying to get a square looking one for a while.

Brun Croes said...

@Julie Smits

I'm glad u like it, thanks for noticing the weird towers ;)


Glad u like it

@Dustin d'Arnault

Thx sir !


Nope Just photoshop CS4 this time around

@Brutal Moineau

Thx man, love your super awesome illustration too !!!


Thx niki x

@Tifanny prothero

Ey no problem, love your blog too !


I'm glad u like it


I use 5 different brushes, all custom made, some of them are square like and some of them round. Most of them are just scanned peaces of paint.

Glad u all seem to like it.
I've been really busy with traditional stuff lately but as some of u might know, my scanner died on me a few weeks back (which explains the lack of updates). However new stuff is just around the corner!!

-Yours truly...

Anonymous said...

wonderfull work !i love it !

jangojim said...

phat ! I love the atmosphere

Anonymous said...

This painting - love it .
So simple and heavy looking . Love the broad brush stroke look .Very painterly .

Cheers man .