Hi everybody,

Here is my take on the Last man standing round 2 “outbreak” theme,first of is the final one, wich took me about 6 full hours to make, its kinda messy because of the deadline, (it was made on the day of the deadline itself, but I liked it the way it was so…) The 2 other drawings are more like sketches I did but didn’t like, so I did’t took the time to work them out for the entry.

hope u like’em,





Anonymous said...

Hi Brun-o,

I actually really like your last man standing entry, even though it doesn’t feel entirely finished. It’s because I keep finding little things that I didn’t see the time before, things like that …

Like the tree or the Polaroid’s or the way you turned the octopus into a sketch on the wall.

The only thing I don’t like are the little brightly coloured text bubbles, there are too many of them. That’s the only thing, for the rest I think it’s almost perfect


Emily Van Overtsraeten said...

dag Brun!
vriendelijk bedankt voor uw comment.
Ik zal zeker gebruik maken van de tips die je hebt gegeven.
Ik krijg les van opdebeeck en de van thillo
De van thillo is echt ne geweldige leerkracht!
En kzal ze zeker de groeten doen.

De dingen die ik zie op u blog zijn echt tof om naar te ijken. Boeiend en gewoon goed
vindik dan