Children's Book Kas

Hi reader! 

I spent the better part of november illustrating my first children's (kids) book. It's written by the well know Flemish children's books author Brigitte Minne and published by Abimo publishing. A little bit of a challenge drawing for kids but I think I managed to find a way to get away with it while still maintaining my own 'style' (don't really like that word). Anyways it was tons of fun to do and a good experience that thought me a lot of things! I'm afraid it's dutch only at the moment, but international languages shouldn't be too far of! The Book is called KAS and it will be available February 3rd in most Belgian book stores and on the abimo site too of course.

I'll make sure to post a bit more teasers of the inside illustrations in a few days. In the meantime here is the cover for the book: