Message In a Bottle - Prints - LGAL

A few weeks ago the lovely folks over at Gallery Light Grey Art Lab asked me if I would like to be a part of their "Message In a Bottle" Show. Naturally I accepted and ended up making this illustration / panel, which is available as a print on their website for a limited time only! 

Buy Coloured Print: click me to buy a print! 

(mixed Media)

Original Graphite Drawing:






Neurolinked said...

This is really really inspiring!
Good Work

Luc ADR said...

Superb !
I especially like the top panels, and how you sliced/framed a big picture and turned it into a sequence.

Leka ilustradora said...

Maravilhoso o trabalho de cores e volumes. Fiquei sua fã.

Estou curiosa: o que ela mandou no bilhete da garrafa?

Um abraço do Brasil,


Ratspé said...

tsifTres bien

Sara said...

Hi Brun! I just wanna tell you that i really admire your art! I love your sence of style; the atmosphere, COLORS...everything really! Its really inspiring for me since i love to draw and paint myself. So thank you, and keep on doing art the way you do because its really amazing!!! :D

Sara, Sweden

Brun Croes said...


Thank you!

I'm glad you like the framing.

Uhm... I don't really understand a word of that... But google translate gave me a somewhat readable translation. So thank you :)

Merci beaucoup!

Thank you Sara, those are very kind words. I hope I can do them justice!

Gax said...

i keep an eye on you bro ;)
i don't have anything to say
only appreciate :p
see ya rook

Mark Montague said...

Beautiful work man.

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