Super Villain - The Bendigeitvran - RotopolPress

I proudly made this illustration for the Super Villain exhibition / group show given by RotopolPress in Kassel (Germany). The Theme is self-explanatory. I had lots of fun and tried to combine things I know with new ideas / tricks.

Here's a small backstory (if you're into that sort of thing):

THE BENDIGEITVRAN (a.k.a The Big Bad Ass Living Bird Armor)

Bran, a young and ambitious archeologist discovers a strange armor during one of his expeditions. While studying the origin of the armor in the comfort of his home, he quickly becomes obsessed by it. After a few days the armor seems to be calling out to him, asking him to put it on, after a while Bran gives in to the request. The armor comes alive and grips firmly around his body, his skin rapidly changes turning him into some kind of purple monster. Bran has lost control over his body as the armor has taken over his ability to speak and move. Suddenly he starts to grow and grow breaking trough the rooftops of his house. The armor seems to be set out on destroying the entire city. Trapped inside the armor, Bran is forced to witness the destruction before him...

ps: Its been ages since I updated this place, I'll try to update more often from now on!

Hope you guys like it!


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