gorilla artbook vol. 1: coming soon ! ! !

Some friends and me over at Gorillaartfare have been working together with CFSL Ink to bring you the first volume in what is bound to be an incredible artbook. It will be filled with awesome pieces of illustrations from all kinds of genre and I am stocked to have a few of my illustrations on the pages of this book among all those amazing people.

Here's the official statement from our group blog:

We have the most exciting news today! Gorilla Artfare and CFSL Ink have joined forces to bring you a wonderful collection of artwork: Gorilla Artbook Vol 1!
The book is hardcover, sized 24×28 cm (9.4×11 inches approximately) and it holds 250+ pages of stunning images by more than 70 of our artists. It will be available for preorder on April 7th and released on April 14th!
We will share more info on pricing and where you can buy it real soon! Update: Some more info + a small preview of the interiors here! For now, feast your eyes on these previews of the cover (illustrated by Clo, Devin Platts & Tom Scholes, designed by Victoria Maderna & Federico Piatti):


Bruno G. Valencia said...

muy bonito!!

m3ng said...

Can't wait, keep us posted!

Nele Ooms / Freelance Graphic Designer said...

hey man,

just wanted to say congratulations!

greets and how are you btw?

Patrick Leyendecker said...

wow gratulations with this gorilla book, it was always my dream to present my work in a book, this must be a wonderful feeling.

Unknown said...

@Bruno: Thanks!

@M3ng: will do!

@Nele: Hey thanks Nele! you know me my live is always somewhere in the gray area!

@Patrick: Thanks :)