This is the poltergeist roaming around my house at night. He freaks me out from time to time, a few days ago I finally caught a glimpse of him so I decided to draw him. I love messing around with this technique (Pencil / watercolor / digital Finish)



Monstertree said...

This technique gives you awesome results Brun, I'm jealous! Great work as always mate ;)

Mike Bear said...

you are great. thanks for the comment on my blog. i really dig your style as well.

Rafael Sarmento said...


Anonymous said...

nice work!

Sandra Brandstätter said...

Hey Brun,
I am here to returm the complement. Nice blog! Like you colours. And I see you did a comic for "Dolor" quite cool.

JasperSandner said...

Love it man!

Anthony Francisco said...

Hey man thanks for visiting my blog. You got some really cool designs here. I love the character of each image.

I know I am replying really late but, to answer you question.. Intel still owns all the rights to the IP and the Offset engine. I don't what their plans are, but right now it is safe to say the game is dead :(

Brun Croes said...


Hey man Thanks for dropping by, I'm a huge fan of your work!


My pleasure!


Hy mate, how you doing ;).


Thank you!


Dolor was a lot of fun too do, thanks for the returning compliment, thats very sweet.


Thank you man, your work is really skillful too!


Haha, thanks for replying. I can easily understand that it can't be easy when you probably have a very busy schedule. But its nice to know that you did.

Its a shame to hear about project offset being dead, so much talent was put into that project and I've always been a vivid fan.

Updates are on the way...


!pap! said...

thank you for your comment!
You have a very good job on color
This original character
very eerie, like a lot

Brutal Moineau said...

amazing dude! just amazing!

Brun Croes said...


No problem man, thanks for returning the favor!


Thanks mate! Your stuff is rocking my socks off though ;)

Ems said...

meer! emilie wilt meer!

Saeed Zia said...

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