Bachelor Project

I'm in my 3rd Bachelor year at school. As some sort of mini thesis (Bachelor Project) we have to make our own assignment in preparation of the bigger thesis should we choose to do a Master (4th) year. This mini thesis will also determine if I'm fit or not fit to do a Master year. So for this bachelor Project I want to work on a story that is loosely based on English and Scandinavian (mainly the latter) folklore, myths and legends. The story itself is being written by the talented Julie Smits while I handle the illustrations, layout, typography, etc.. But I have no doubt that she will have some great ideas for those parts too. I will try to keep my blog up to date with how this project evolves and from time to time.

I'll give some more info on the story itself. More info and pics will follow when time permits it! Here is a sketch for the project, determined to change quite a bit.

(click for a bigger resolution)



Manuel Dupong said...

Now I have something to look forward for the next 8 weeks.
I'm sure is going to be amazing, because this WIP already is.


Kali Ciesemier said...

Lovely colors & mood!! Looks like it'll be an awesome project. (and I do love me some Scandinavian myths!)

Unknown said...

@ Manuel:

Thanks mate ;)


Then I'm sure I have some good things in store for you ;)

Brutal Moineau said...

love it!
i want more!

Miki Montlló said...

Awesome Colors and Background!

I'm sure that your project will rock. Your blog is incredible.

Keep up the good work!

Adam Tamte Volker said...

cool stuff, excited to see what you come up with!


Unknown said...


You will soon ! Thanks for dropping by mate


I hope it does, thanks for the kind words


Nice of you to drop by mate, I'm also very exited about this ;)

Romain Jouandeau said...

I have seen it on CFSL.net, nice one! Love the "trame" (I don't know the english word).

Mark Kjærgaard said...

This looks great. Looking forward to see how it turns out!

Unknown said...


:) glad you like it


Me too, me too ;)

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

i really like your style

Tiffany prothero said...

Really nice mood. <3

Nele Ooms / Freelance Graphic Designer said...

Nice!.. and fun to see some brightness in your illustrations too..

Unknown said...


That means a lot coming from you mate!


Nice of you to drop by tif, your last updates are wicked


Glad u like it, lets grab a drink sometime soon!

calumalexanderwatt said...

Good luck on the project, though I don't think you'll need it, looking great so far! C.

michaelamos said...

Looks really interesting. Like the colour and atmosphere in this painting... give us more!

Brandon said...

These paintings are beautiful. Glad I found your blog

Jparked said...

Hey Brun!!! thx for the comment, not sure if im at the level to make a tutorial yet. your work is killer man!!! hope all is well my friend.


Jung Park said...

nice painting man!

keep it up


Unknown said...


Thanks for visiting mate. Love your work


More will come, I got a lot more actually but I'm just not good at keeping things up to date ;)


I'm glad u did!


No problem dude, you are more then skilled enough to make a tutorial mate, your work is ace


Thanks mate.

Vladimiro Merino said...

great work Brun! and many many thanks for your comments. i've been working on some animation short directed by c. nine- that's why i haven't update my blog in some time..
we stay in touch

joris said...

love your cock :) no these is a nice piece of work here. keep it up brother

greets joris