Kaboel and Epacar

Hi readers of the internet,
Its been some time since I have done any real updates because I have been to busy with work/school.
However I’ll try to update soon with a real update instead of some random stuff.

So here is a sketch for the cover of a magazine called “Kaboel” (= some sort of Belgium dialect for noise).
The magazine adresses all kinds of complaints about noise caused by animals/children/old people etc.
However It also adresses imaginative scenes that would never happen.
I chose to adress both imaginative and real complaints and mix them up in one illustration for the cover of the magazine.
This sketch is curently beeing painted so I will post more of it when its done.
The magazine itself is also fully illustraded so I will post the illustrations when they are done.

Next up is a calender page I have done for a company called Epacar ( a Belgium paper company).
They came to us at my school asking me and some friends to illustrate their callenders using pictures of different papers and fill them up with some illustration.
This is the month october, I’m not to proud of this work but I thought it would be a fun idee to post it here so that u guys can download/print it for use come october 2009.
I left out some of the typo cause the days where written in Dutch, so feel free to right the days down yourself in your native language.

(click here for higher resolution)

soonish i will post real updates
in the time beeing, have fun and live to the fullest