Butler and other sketches

Some unfinnished stuff (work in progress).
trying to take a new direction in style/rendering with the butler.
still lots of experimenting.

The knight is a concept dezign for an upcoming MMO game called pax, its still a sketch tho.

hope u guys like it, cya soon

(ps: as allways click the images for a higher resolution)


Unknown said...
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marmaduke said...

hey brun,

i really like the butler, it gives me a disney vibe in a newer and a more original way.
i still believe that the neck is slightly too long but it doesn't annoy me because it probably looks better this way.
the expression on the face is really kick ass!

aaaaaaanyways i'll see you soon


pj mathews said...

rad portraits. i love looking at sketchbooks with paint in them.

Serge said...

nice butler
always is written with a single "l"