My zombielove

So here is something that started as a sketch and ended as something a bit more detailed then a sketch, its not finished, but I haven’t worked on it for some time and wanted to show it to u guys,

Normally I work on 1 layer only to maintain a feeling of working traditional, but for this one I saved every step cause I intent to make a small tutorial from it, but don’t expect to much from a 20 year old kid like me.

I know its far from finished but I kinda like it this way, hope u guys like it too

cya soon


Joshua James said...

Very cool works!

MagLi. said...

Thnx brun voor de comments. Ik zal de link die je me gegeven hebt zeker eens gaan bezoeken. Echt heel mooi werk van u, beetje aan de bizarre kant maar dat is net het leuke eraan! X Magali