Big update

Howdy everybody
Sry for the lack of updates, been quiet bussy lately working on some school assingments and some contests...

I'm also working hard on my second entree for the last man standing 3 dome (yes i made it tru the first round :) ). The second one however won't be so easy I guess...

first of is the school assingment I showed earlier. Its not really finished an has a LOT of big mistakes (composition, lightning, anatomy, colour etc) but this is how the teachers back at school liked it. It took me about 4 hours to bring it to this stage, so it wil look kinda sketchy (wich i like most of the time)

click on the image for a much larger version/higher resolution:

next up are some sketches I did while following theory (filosofie) wich gets kinda boring after a while but it provides good inspiration for some sketches and other stuff, it does come in handy.

u can click on them if u would like a higher resolution, and by the way, my scanner died on me so I had to use my cellphone camera ---> crappy shake'y pictures

and last but not least:
An old drawing wich i decided to put some colours on, this is an early stage image.

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Nan said...

Brun, great work! Came across your posts in Gorilla Artfare. The header is very Michelangelo meets Lichtenstein, but you've blended them very naturally.

With your student piece you have accomplished the first goal of any artist trying to make a living—satisfying the client (in this case the teacher). No apologies necessary in that case. And there really isn't much there to apologize for in the first place (this coming from an f-list magazine art director—so take it with a grain of salt).

Your sketches are marvelous. There is the very familiar 21st Century pang to them—that "tortured" quality. However, just about every one of them has their eyes to the heavens—there's hope there. Ok, I'm a little drippy now, but I do like the feel of them.

Keep at it cuz I can't wait to see what comes next :-)