Last Man Standing 3

A few weeks ago Last Man Standing 3 was announced, its a massive challange in wich a lot of talented people take down eachother by out performing them with their skills ( for more info: http://www.lastmanart.com/ ) I desided to give this a try and enter the chalange

here is my entree:

so about a week and a half ago i started this sketch picturing two creatures (one female: eva and one male: adam)
the symbolic value in this one is rather deep, you see, the creatures resamble the two first people on earth, but they are ugly ass hell though besides the fact that they are ugly and you would suspect that they wouldn't be nice, adam is handing over the tree of knowledge to his lovely wife eve. the tree of knowledge may look pretty but its trapt in a machine wich produces a lot of dirty smoke.
anyways i guess that the moral of this painting would be: " don't judge on looks, don't judge on one perspective, try to look at things from a different angle"
here is the final version wich i sended in yesterday, hope u guys like it

(click on image for a higher resolution)

this one was the first take on the Last Man Standing challange, but i got tired of it after a few days...

(click on image for a higher resolution)

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