Inspired doodles

So here are two quick doodles i did last night (each one took about 15 minutes, although the monkey was more like 20 minutes)

this monkey drawing is heavily inspired by a drawing of the amazing artist james jean.
the monkey was drawn from memorie, but the idea is kinda from james jean.

(edit: the original image by james jean can be seen here: http://www.jjeanius.net/images/FablesPrelims/Fables61Prelim.jpg)

this one is as u can see, NOT finished, its a quick character sketch on witch i'm working, its still in grayscale, and i'm still blocking the tones in.

more coming...

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Mathias said...

Dude, this is just awesome. Even the 'older sketches' are still up to date, if u know what I mean. You already proved you can do this shit, so why don't do simple ;) you know ;) but anyway keep up the good work, and someday you'll be famous (not so famous as me ofcourse :D)