city on the rocks (color)

So here is the color version of the illustration i'm making.
it looks kinda unfinished, but hey it gives it an artistic feeling, and it gives the viewer a bit more freedom.
The city u can see an the plateau is an maya like representation of antwerp, hence the flying elephants i tried to make this city a bit more godlike.
why elephants u say, well elephants are the animals most related with antwerp and its history, thats kinda why.
i am, however, not satisfied with the overal look, but i'm leaving it as it is, to avoid painting the picture to dead.


Bojana said...

Great stuff Brun! :)

I love the winged elephants...
Do you use Photoshop or Painter or both...?
Great work, keep it up!

Unknown said...

hy boky,

nice of u to drop by. :)
For the time beeing I only use photoshop, but i'm planing to use painter also in the near future.

i'll be posting a tutorial in a few weeks.
and thx for the winged elephant compliment.

cya later :) (and do forget my poor english :p)